10 Fabulous DIY Clean Energy Generation Projects from Instructables’ Contest

Generating energy to charge and power devices or household appliances for free is the ultimate dream of many. Here are a few ideas of how to achieve this at home, or at least get close to it.

The thing is, before you mount solar panels on your house roof, or you buy a wind turbine or solar boiler, you should consider is if it is cost-effective, although undoubtedly it is extremely environmentally friendly. We live in times when governments are continuously changing policies in regards to home-based power generation and it is always tricky to say what will happen next.

In that respect, minimum financial investment, maximum DIY home entertainment, and maximum near-free energy generation would be the perfect solution in a perfect world. OK, yes, I dare say it is impossible to make energy out of thin air without investing absolutely anything, but there are ways for you to make your own power. You can build devices that will give you that little bit of continuous flow of free charge that you really want.

Here are a few picks for DIY projects that can give you tips, tricks and ideas for how to generate your own energy and power things for free. All these have entered the US-Mexico Innovation Challenge that is currently calling for more participants on one of our favorite DIY sites- Instructables.

1. Automatic plant watering device

House plants are a wonderful thing. Not only they green up the space, bringing life in the often sterile environment, but they also serve numerous purposes- from introducing color to purifying air and removing pollutants. But the biggest problem arises as soon as we plan that ever-so-wanted two-week holiday, which will make us recharge our batteries, but unfortunately might well sentence our beloved house plants.

Thankfully, the master minds of DIY will not let this happen. Thanks to user JM1999, here is a tutorial that can guide us how to make a watering device for the plants, which works automatically. It is extremely easy, and it does not require any fancy equipment- only a few bits and bobs and plenty of good will.

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