12 Creative DIY Headboards You’ll Love

Without a headboard, your bed probably seems like it just sort of ends at the wall. To avoid this anti-climactic bed conundrum, you’ll want to invest in a headboard.

A quick search through the internet will show you that headboards can get really pricey, particularly the upholstered ones. If all you need is that headboard, you won’t want to throw a few hundred dollars at it.

Instead, make your own or spruce up a cheaper purchased headboard–you’ll not only pay less for a great look, you can customize it to fit the space or your style. And that’s something you just can’t do when buying a premade headboard.

It’s hard to resist the allure of a cozy bed after a long day. Why not make yours even more inviting by adding the perfect headboard?

We’ve assembled a wide variety of projects that any DIYer can take on successfully. Enjoy!


Romantic Floral Headboard –  This project requires a store-bought headboard as well as paper flowers, but the result is unique and undeniably beautiful.


Antique Window Headboard – Antique windows are a great way to create a headboard. They bring an atmosphere of shabby chic to a room but are still understated.

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