5 Rules to a Happy Woodworking Life

As with any type of craft, woodworking is filled with hope, excitement, and a sense of bewilderment. However, this mostly applies to beginners in the craft. If you are planning to embrace this profession for a much longer period of time, it is vital to consider these 5 rules to a happy woodworking life. Most of these rules have something to do with your attitude toward the craft, which means that your mindset is vital to your success. By taking note of them and living by them, you can enjoy this craft, viewing it as an art more than a task.

1. Invest in Good Tools

Just like other crafts out there, woodworking needs a good amount of investment when it comes to your tools. If you are a beginner, this can be costly and intimidating at times, though you also need to be very careful as it can be quite tempting to just browse woodworking catalogs as you expect new models coming out. Keep in mind this simple rule – purchase tools that you can use, not for collection only!

Most expert woodworkers suggest going through a routine every time you are planning to purchase a tool. Decide what you want to create first, anticipate all steps needed to build the pieces, and get the tools ready to complete the tasks efficiently and excellently. False economy is something that should be avoided, as it means buying high-quality, expensive tools even if it means that you end up with having fewer tools only.

It is also a good idea to select a versatile, top-quality tool compared to having just a highly specialized equipment, particularly one that is designed for use with little skill. For example, you may want to get yourself a backsaw, learn the tricks in using it, and start building with confidence, instead of going with a saw guide system which will divert your attention from learning new skills.

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