7 Benefits of Microgrids You Probably Don’t Know

Increasing reliability

According to the US Department of Energy (DOE), the US suffers more power outages than any other nation in the developed world. Microgrids can help a community to prepare for such situations by providing a source of backup power should the main grid go down. The details of how the microgrid can reliably achieve this should be set out in a reliability plan that details how the microgrid will be constructed in terms of the technologies involved, energy storage, system management (usually via a smart energy system) and other components. For example, the management system will often incorporate management system software and smart energy devices such as smart switches and sensors. These will help the system to operate independently of the national grid when necessary.

Another advantage of microgrids is that they help communities, businesses, and nations to become more energy secure by reducing the need to import energy from abroad, particularly when the source of that energy may be in a country with some degree of political or social instability.

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