8 Steps in Preparing Wood for Your Woodworking Project

Step 6: Run the sawed edge on the jointer

After sawing the edges, smoothen it using the jointer to eliminate all the saw marks. Remember to set the cut depth approximately about 1/64 inch, or as thinly as possible. Be careful and precise, and leave about 1/32-inch extra width. The added inches are the allowance for the final removal of the saw marks after running it on the jointer.

Step 7: Cut the best end of the square

After making sure that all edges and sides are even and smooth, and free of any checks, you can start cutting your chosen best end at a minimal amount, not more than ¼ inch first. Using the table saw, or miter saw, you can now cut the end at 90 degrees angle.

Using miter saw can give you accurate angle cuts because it is adjustable to your desired measurement. It is usually set to a default 90 degrees, so that will not be very tricky for you to set it up.

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