Solar Concentrator DIY – How to Build an $8 Fresnel Lens from Old TV

A solar concentrator DIY can seem like the easiest thing in the world – if someone else is doing the hard work.

A guy who calls himself “Grant Thompson” used a Fresnel lens from a dismantled old Toshiba projection TV and shows the world on Youtube how his DIY solar concentrator can scorch nearly anything from pennies and concrete to eggs.

In this video Grant shows how he made the wooden frame. Of course, the guy has the tools you need for shaping wood: a saw, a grinder, and proper self-training, so this project is not for everyone. However, you can theoretically have someone doing the woodwork for you and all you need to do then is put the lens in there, after which you can use the 2,000 °F for your own renewable energy projects.

The second video actually scorches stuff. Notice the kids and wife that are playing around, which I consider not to be safe, but with a little training they can handle the DIY solar concentrator, too.

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