The Problem with Renewable Energy (and ways its being fixed)

Renewable energy is fantastic. It reduces carbon emissions thereby reducing the carbon footprint currently devastating many parts of the world.

As renewable energy becomes more sustainable and more viable than it has ever been, more and more countries are turning ‘green’ and reverting to sustainable ways. Some countries have completely abolished coal burning facilities and have turned to other means to produce power. While renewable energy is greater for the environment in every sense, there is a slight issue when it comes to it.

Generators are remarkably simple. The idea behind them being simply spin a massive generator containing a magnet through copper wires and an electric current is generated. The faster it spins the more electricity is produced.

In America, as described by Tom Scott, a physicist, and YouTuber, after gearing, all the massive generators move at the same rate to produce the same output of current. This accounts for every nuclear power station, coal burning facility, and hydroelectric dams- all of which feature complex gearing systems that enable them to spin in unison. The main reason behind this method is to prevent different amounts of current from being produced which would cause lights to flicker, circuits to break, and fuses to blow.

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