World’s Most Efficient Solar Water Heater Made by Surface Power

Solar panels are used nowadays by more and more people, looks almost like a fashion to install a solar panel on the rooftop of your house. People get more interested in installing a photovoltaic system, maybe not to be environmental friendly, but mostly to reduce energy costs. For many the cost of the system is the trigger not to install photovoltaic panels which are still extremely expensive. A solution in this cause would be the solar water heaters which can save as much power as the photovoltaic panels but with lower installation cost.

The lower costs are usually also driven by the efficiency percent of the solar water heater. An Irish company called Surface Power claimed and proved that their system is more efficient than others you can find on the market in this moment. Surface Power even claimed and received independent certification from TUV Rhineland that their solar water heaters are at least 131% more efficient in the morning and evening, and 76% more at midday that other solar heaters. In this way the payback time for the system is reduced by 50% but it depends as well on how much the sun will expose the system.

Surface Power says that their new panels have the potential to reduce domestic and commercial hot water bills up to 70% and this because of the advance technology used. The system isn’t much more expensive than the other systems either so it’s highly recommended and will probably be installed on many houses.

Surface Power is still a small company and does not have a large market yet. As well most people probably think to better install photovoltaic panels but the solar water heater made by Surface Power has a lot of potential.

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